Food Stall Application

Thanks for your interest in the 2019 Nightjar Festival. We’re excited for another great season in 2019 and we’re looking for food stallholders to join the fun! If you sell delicious food with a difference we’d love to hear from you!
Before you get started with your online application, there’s a few things you should know:
  1. Each year the NightJar Festival is inundated with applications, so please keep in mind the application process if extremely competitive. Be sure to give it your best shot and WOW us with your application!
  2. Please submit quality photos with your application that best illustrate your stall setup and products. We’re looking for food stallholders who present their stall creatively and sell absolutely delicious food. Show us why our audience will want to eat your food! Photos must be sized 400 x 400 pixels.
  3. All food stallholders MUST hold a Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance) to trade at The NightJar Festival (must be valid for ALL date/s you are trading at the NightJar Festival).
  4. All food stallholders MUST be registered with Streatrader to trade at The Nightjar Festival and you will be required to provide a copy of your Streatrader Statement valid for ALL date/s you are trading at the Nightjar Festival).
  5. If using gas appliances, you will be required to apply for a Section 40 Permit with the CFA (no fee involved) to allow you to trade on a day of TOTAL FIRE BAN.
  6. If you plan to trade from a food truck/van, you will need to provide the FULL dimensions of you set up, including any trailer attachments, metal beams &/or additional items in your set up. The Nightjar site is jam packed, so we need to make sure you can fit on your allocated site!
  7. You will be required to list ALL the products you intend on selling in your application. PLEASE NOTE: You will ONLY be permitted to sell the items you list on your application. Please include drinks if you plan on selling them at the festival. Think carefully about the items you’d like to sell and include them all in your application.
  8. You will be required to list ALL powered equipment you will be using onsite, including how many amps/watts each piece of equipment will use.
  9. The Nightjar Festival has various sized sites available for food stallholders. You will be allocated a STANDARD or HIGH powered site depending on your individual requirements. Your site fee will be calculated based on the size AND power requirements of your stall that you list in your application. Site fees are listed on the application form. NO PERSONAL GENERATORS ARE TO BE USED ON SITE.
  10. Food stallholders can either apply to trade at BOTH festivals, ONLY in Torquay or ONLY in Geelong, depending on your availability.
  11. You MUST be available to arrive onsite and bump in between 12:00pm – 3:00pm (you will be allocated a time slot) AND trade between 4:00pm – 10:00pm on your selected dates.
  12. NO casual stalls are available for food stallholders.
  13. Applicants who are applying for a FULL SEASON site at the NightJar Festival in Torquay must be available to trade on ALL Torquay festival dates: Thursday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th January 2019. Fees will apply for non-attendance. The Fourth Night will NOT be held this year, it will return in 2020.
  14. Applicants who are applying for a FULL SEASON site at the NightJar In The City in Geelong must be available to trade on ALL Geelong festival dates: Friday 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd February 2019. Fees will apply for non-attendance.
  15. Food stallholder applications open on 1st August and close on 1st September. No late applications will be accepted.
  16. You will be notified if you’ve been successful by the 15th of September.
  17. If successful, you must accept your offer, return all required paperwork and pay your site fee in FULL by 30th September (for the Torquay festival) and 30th October (for the Geelong festival) to secure your booking. Your site will remain available for 5 business days at a 20% fee increase if not paid by the due date. After this time you will be moved to the bottom of the list and the next Stallholder on our waiting list will be offered your place.
  18. Failure to return all required paperwork AND pay your site fee in FULL will result in forfeiture of your site booking. Each year we have a long list of food stallholders ready to take your place!
  19. Questions marked with * are compulsory.

NightJar FestivalWe look forward to receiving your application and wish you all the best!

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