Second Loves

Vintage and secondhand clothing, both for men and woman, in a variety of styles and sizes. Trends come and go. Style on the other hand is expressing ones self through the clothing they wear. We are so lucky to have the abundance of secondhand and vintage clothing available out there, choose as you feel and express yourself freely.

I believe we all have a responsibility, to each other and our planet, to be more conscious and make better choices on a sustainable future. Buying secondhand clothing is a great way to contribute, keeping in mind there are others, which tends to follow naturally.

I take pride in the fact that I individually source each item myself, and truly feel like a small business, sustaining myself and treading lightly on the environment. Whilst I hope to be inspiring others to do the same. I am sometimes on the road and when not, I am based in Byron Bay. I am very lucky my business allows me to travel, one of my favourite things, and when on the road I am happiest, meeting new customers and especially at peace in nature.




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