Gyoza Records

Gyoza Records was born during the great plate and bowl shortage that hit Japan in 1963. Improvising, people took to eating their gyoza from old records left behind by American soldiers.

Today, with the blessings of Gyoza King, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, and the skills of Gyoza Master, Tomohisa Hiraoka, Gyoza Records marches boldly forward in the quest for Gyoza perfection.

Steamed and pan-fried Japanese dumplings. Served with house salad, crispy shallots, super secret sauce and optional sambal
– Pork and Chives
– Vegan ( Kale, shitake mushroom, edamame, garlic, leek)

*** During the NightJar Market our Chef and Sous-chef will be performing live gyoza making demonstrations.

Miso Soup
Served with tofu, spring onion, Korean chili, sesame and seaweed

Steamed and lightly salted soybeans, served warm.



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