Nightjar Festival is getting down and dirty with its War on Waste!

Entertainment, action, workshop and debate.

A trip to Bali a few years ago cemented a plan in Nightjar founder Lyndelle Flintoft’s mind. Flying in seeing plastics carving a path through the ocean, set in mind a vision to further delete the plastic impact of her festival and to use her events as platforms for education as well as entertainment.

Nightjar is allied to the many event organisers who are re-examining the environmental impact of their venues and festivals to ensure we are, and we become, more responsible global citizens, taking care of the communities where we work and thus becoming global villagers, all working toward eliminating the most harmful impacts of global climate change.

It’s not a fast change and over the years we have tried several times to lighten our footprint, only to hit brick walls while trying to implement clunky alternatives! Technology exists to make the change but the cost of implementation is heavy. We are continually discussing workable partnerships, and are encouraged by so many exciting developments, alternatives and enthusiastic people who know its time to dig deeper to enable us to tread lighter. To develop and implement sustainable alternatives and be a part of creating an exciting and sustainable future is our goal.

In 2017, we invested heavily in creating an entire plastic free event (including biodegradable plastics), this resulted in us transforming our event waste into 80% compost. It was a huge success and we have been labelled leaders in the event space in the region, with several Shires contacting us to talk about how we implemented the program.

For 2019 we had 120 stall holders and average 14,000 patrons per event. A third of the stall-holders are running off solar and we are working on solutions to converting this to 100% of stall holders within the next couple of years. Our plan is to be amongst some of the first large-scale events to be running off solar and storing the power to use into the night.

In 2020 we are working with Corio Waste management to address our waste. This is something we are really passionate about. Ninety per cent of our compost is now sent to the Mallee Region of Victoria, where it is used by farmers to grow their fruit.

The 2020 season also launches our new workshop area, further nurturing a positive, inclusive and connected community. You can drop by and watch Damon Gameau’s 2040, take in the short film Farmers Footprint and interact during the Q&A with renowned environmentalists and voice your opinion on climate change. We want to encourage debate – so bring your voice and an opinion (together with your dancing shoes of course).
We have also joined forces with Treecreds to support us by taking an even closer look at our sustainability credentials. Treecreds provide a carbon offset service that invests solely in forest projects. We will be greeting incoming vehicles with big smiles and asking a few questions about your vehicle travel. They will be collecting data to support Nightjar in estimating some of the transport emissions associated with our events.
Our five year plan continues to address emissions and energy use, renewable energy implementation, resource use and waste management. We endeavour to work towards becoming a B Corp Organization investigating all aspects of our business being environmentally sustainable. This includes us working together with our stall holders and patrons to adopt the same ethos. We want to grow sustainably, educate and work towards creating a healthy future.

Come join us in stepping up our responsibility to our planet and becoming an innovative leader for events on the Surf Coast.

In short , here’s what we do

  • NO plastic bags onsite (not even biodegradable bags) Stallholders must sell their products in paper bags or nothing.
  • NO take away coffee cups, you will be served your coffee in a mug or bring your own!
  • NO plastic straws onsite (paper/cardboard only)
  • We work with stall holders to find alternatives to their packaging, and encourage them to investigate their supply chain.
  • There are NO drinks in plastic bottles for sale on any stalls. There will be free water available at both the bars, and a water fountain will be at the front entrance where you can fill your own drink bottles.
  • Eating utensils will be wooden or bring your own. Plates are cardboard/leaf.
    Bins areas are clear and concise – detailing what goes where. Our bin fairies will help you along he way.
  • We all love a bit of Glitter but did you realize it’s generally bad for the environment? You may not be able to choose from as many colours but our Glitter store is fully biodegradable!
  • Beer and wine cups are all reusable.
    We have moved away from bottled beers and together with Prickly Moses are serving all beer and cider in our specially designed Nightjar Cans. Check them out – we reckon they are rather fabulous.