OK GUYS, we are getting down and dirty with Nightjar’s War on Waste! When one of the Nightjar co-founders recently flew into Bali she was firstly confused, but then disgusted, by the pollution that had seemingly carved out a river of plastics kilometers long through the ocean! It’s sad to see this nonchalant attitude to rubbish; the world is full of so much unnecessary rubbish! The Nightjar co-founders have always been conscious of their footprint, they are now going to dig even deeper in an endeavor to tread lighter, creating a more sustainable future, and they want you to be apart of it! The power to save the planet rests on each individual to make a difference.

From its inception Nightjar has always been a plastic bag free event, last year we introduced the re-useable beer glasses, while the food stalls have always been required to serve their food on biodegradable products.

Come join us in stepping up our responsibility to our planet and becoming an innovative leader for events on the Surf Coast.

So here’s what we plan to implement this season:

• NO plastic bags onsite (not even biodegradable). Stallholders must sell their products in paper bags or nothing.
• NO take away coffee cups, you will be served your coffee in a mug or bring your own!
• NO plastic straws onsite (paper excepted)
• There will be NO drinks in plastic bottles for sale on any stalls. There will be free water available at both of the bars and the water fountain will be at the front entrance where you can fill your own drink bottles.
• Eating utensils will be wooden or bring your own. Plates are cardboard.
• Bins are clearly marked waste and recycle. We do have separate skips and all the recycling goes into the skip to be taken away to be recycled.
• We all love a bit of Glitter but did you realize it’s generally bad for the environment? You may not be able to choose from as many colors but our Glitter store is fully biodegradable!


• Support our War on Waste by ensuring that you are not using plastic bags, straws, utensils, cups or plates
• No giveaways, promotional material containing plastics or single use items.
• Ensure that you are recycling your waste correctly


• Bring your own reusable shopping bags with you if you’re planning on visiting our amazing Stallholders
• Bring your own reusable cups, plates and utensils to use when eating and drinking
• Take an extra few seconds to make sure that you are putting your waste into the correct bins – marked waste and recycle.

WE hope that we can work on fighting this War on Waste together and can’t wait to see you at the Nightjar Festival over Summer – every Thursday throughout January in Torquay and every Friday throughout February in Geelong.

Nightjar Festival Dates:


Thursday, January 4th
Thursday, January 11th
Thursday, January 18th
Thursday, January 25th


Friday, February 2nd
Friday, February 9th
Friday, February 16th
Friday February 23rd